New Harvest Park – Knoxville TN

Nothing feels better on a bright and sunny day than to get out and get some fresh air. A walk at New Harvest Park in Knoxville TN gives you time to exercise, meet new people, or take your pet for a walk. When the weather turns hot, the kids love visiting the splash pad to cool off and chase each other around for a bit. When you want to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, a local farmer’s market operates weekly in the park from May until September each year.

Newly renovated community center

This updated meeting place can accommodate over 140 people. It houses 16 tables and 110 chairs. Residents can rent the community center to host large events like reunions, charity functions, and award ceremonies. The grounds make an excellent place for an outdoor wedding and reception. A large projection screen and podium make it easy to host events and educate attendees. The building has a small kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, and microwave oven and is available for rent. Restrooms are on the outside of the building.

Fun areas for the kids to play

The playground at New Harvest Park has many bars and bridges for children to climb and explore. A padded surface under the structure ensures safety and a soft landing. Nearby benches give caretakers a place to watch the kids while enjoying the breeze or a friendly conversation with other parents and guardians. Swings, slides, and game panels provide a variety of activities to keep children entertained for hours.

Hiking and biking trails

New Harvest Park sits on 43 acres. It has two paved loops that are each a quarter of a mile long. A larger natural trail is a half-mile long loop providing spectacular views of the ridge and the nearby valley. One of the smaller circles encompasses the wetlands pond offering bird sightings of local species. The natural trail leads into the wooded area along the outskirts of the recreational space. Guests are permitted to use the trails to mountain bike and hike along with running and walking. The difficulty rating of these walking areas ranges from easy to moderate.

Exploring the ridge

When taking the nature trail, park visitors to this Knoxville recreational space can get up close and personal with the environment. Search for brown squirrels and watch them scamper about the tree canopy. In the winter, you might find local bird species like the Red-Bellied Woodpecker, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Dark-Eyed Junco, Purple Finch, or Northern Mockingbird. All year long, you can spot Wild Turkeys, Yellow-Crowned Night Herons, Ospreys, Turkey Vultures, Spotted Sandpipers, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, and Golden-Crowned Kinglets. Robins and Blue Jays are other typical birds to look for in this Knoxville TN recreational area.

Accessing the park

This recreational zone sits between Knoxville Center and White’s Creek. The park is open from sunrise until sunset each day. The park address is 400 Main Street, Knoxville TN. Residents can quickly access New Harvest Park from Interstate 640 via Washington Pike. Dogs are welcome to the park as long as the owner keeps them on a leash during the entire visit.

When you need a favorite local place to get in a morning run, then New Harvest Park is an excellent spot. The city holds several events and festivals at the community center and the on-site amphitheater. When the kids are climbing the walls wanting something to do, then a trip to this nearby open space can give them the chance to meet new friends and exercise in the fresh air and Tennessee sunshine.

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